2018 Was Hottest Year Recorded for Oceans

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 1/17/19

According to the Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Organization, a global team of scientists that measure the heat in both the air and water, published reports Wednesday that 2018 was the hottest year for our oceans recorded, the first time the oceans being recorded was 1958. “The year 2018 passed the previous record set just the year before, in 2017,” the authors of the article said, “the top five years of ocean heat have come in the last five years.”

Other scientists have published similar findings. In fact, the same group of scientists published a report last week that claimed that our oceans are warming up faster than initially thought. Responding to that report, the authors said that measuring the heat of the ocean is one the most efficient ways of tracking climate change because over 90% of the heat in greenhouse gases get absorbed into the ocean.

The claim that our oceans and also our planet are warming up is backed by other groups and panels of scientists. Some scientists have said that the stat of rising oceans has already been seen. Since 1981, an average of 29.5 millimeters of water has been to the ocean’s surface.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, Flickr, Pexels

US Troops Begin to Withdraw from Syria

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 1/11/19

The US-led military coalition in Syria has reportedly begun the process of withdrawing troops, US military official Sean Ryan stated this morning. “The US started the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria.” This has come after President Trump signed to make the decision back before Christmas in December.

Col. Ryan also stated that there will be no specific timelines nor location of the withdrawal out of “concern of operational security”. The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a non-profit organization centered in Syria, reported that the withdrawal had already started overnight.

The decision to withdraw troops from Syria has been met with mixed feedback, including criticism from Democrats and some Republicans, while there was positive feedback from many pro-Trump voters and conservatives. Overall though, the decision to withdraw before the official surrendering of ISIS means that the fight will now be up to regional fighters such as Iraq and the Syrian forces.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, Flickr, Fox News

Trump Withdraws Troops from Syria

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 12/20/18

Just yesterday, President Donald Trump announced in a speech that he will be withdrawing all 2,000 US soldiers from Syria. Later on Twitter, he declared US victory of the Islamic State, and that troops should be home for Christmas and the holidays.

The decision to withdraw troops has gained more criticism than approval from Capitol Hill, but has still seen mixed reactions across the aisle. Republican Senator and Trump ally Lindsay Graham blasted the decision, calling it “A stain on the honor of the United States.”

Other Republican lawmakers, as well as liberal journalist Jake Tapper, disapproved of the action, but Democrat congresswoman Barbara Lee agreed after campaigning for a troop withdrawal from Syria for a while. Overall though, we have yet to see the effects of this decision.

Sources and Pictures: US Military News, CNN Politics, CNN, Fox News

EXCLUSIVE: The World Cup so Far

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 6/20/18

The 2018 World Cup has only been around for six days so far, but we have already seen plenty of action, many of which unexpected, across the tournament. The first game of the tournament was in Thursday, with Russia taking the biggest win of the tournament so far, 5-0 against Saudi Arabia.

Soon after, Saudi Arabia flew to its next game, only for the plane’s engine to take fire, (An accurate representation of them playing Russia), but fortunately, the plane safely landed, and everyone was safe. Meanwhile, 2014 World Cup champions Germany lost 1-0 to the underdogs Mexico, and fans there cheered so loudly that it created a registered earthquake.

Switzerland managed to tie with Brazil, a World Cup favorite, by locking down on defense. Before then, Portugal and Spain tied 3-3, with Portugal’s Ronaldo scoring a hat trick (three goals) that game. Russia recently played its second match against Egypt, winning yet again with a score of 3-1, with Egypt’s Mo Salah scoring a penalty.

What has been seen by many as weird and embarrassing are the amount of own goals in the tournament so far. In 17 matches, 5 own goals have been scored, making Own Goal the leading goal scorer of the tournament so far. Now, it is time for the second match day for the teams. Every country has already played once with an exception of Russia and Egypt whom kicked off the next series in the World Cup.

Sources: Bleacher Report, Fox Sports, ESPN, Wikimedia Commons

Audi CEO Rupert Sadler Arrested

By Nick Baum

MONDAY – 6/18/18

Just hours ago, Audi CEO and Chairman Rupert Sadler was arrested in Germany in an investigation into diesel and emissions of the cars made by Audi. In a press release, a spokesman for Volkswagen (Audi’s parent company) Nicolai Laude confirmed that Sadler was arrested, but declined to comment on the current investigation.

Sadler had been CEO of Audi since the start of 2010, and had been promoted to CEO in the midst of Volkswagen’s alleged cheating in different emissions tests. From 2008 to 2015, Volkswagen allegedly installed software in their cars to cheat during emissions testing, when in reality the cars were said to pollute up “10 to 40 times more” than other cars, said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whom made the allegations Sept. 18, 2015.

The arrest had also come just a week after prosecutors searched Sadler’s home for any evidence, and also just days after Germany placed a $1.2 Billion dollar penalty on Volkswagen for their alleged cheating and software used during emissions testing. All ready, Volkswagen’s stock in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange had fallen by more than 2%.

Sources: Environmental Protection Agency, Flickr, CNBC, CNBC Explains, CNN Money, Wikipedia

EXCLUSIVE: World Cup Starts Today

By Nick Baum

6/14/18 – THURSDAY

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will kick off today when the host country Russia (who automatically makes it) plays Saudi Arabia. This year’s world cup in Russia will feature dozens of stadiums, 32 teams, and like every year, will revolve around the host’s culture.

Some of the favorites of this year’s World Cup include Spain, Brazil, France, and Argentina, which includes Messi. Just yesterday, despite the 2018 World Cup not starting, the 2026 World Cup had been decided, when a FIFA council voted unanimously to bring the games to the US – Canada – Mexico joint bid, rather than Morocco.

In the 2026 World Cup, plans have already been announced that there will be 48 teams in the games, and that Canada will host 10, Mexico will host 10, and the United States will 40. Back to the 2018 World Cup however, it is a close race and a fierce competition, even if the United States, Italy, and Netherlands will be missing it.

Sources: Fox, ESPN, SB Nation

Trump and Kim Meet in Summit

By Nick Baum

TUESDAY – 6/12/18

Last night, US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un met in Singapore for peace talks toward denuclearization and relations. The summit, which was held in the popular resort Capella Singapore, featured an extended handshake, signing a document in terms of denuclearization, and both leaders exchanging words for a better future.

The document that was signed by both leaders, held four main points, according to journalists, but the point of it was for the North Koreans to “work towards denuclearization”, and for the United States to halt all military exercises, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While some argued that the document itself proved to be thin and underwhelming, others argue that the document only establishes the countries’ intentions, and that lots of the summit was spent working between the two administrations at a working lunch. In the working lunch, featured a mix of western and asian foods, and for dessert was the top favorite¬†H√§agen-Dazs vanilla ice cream.

Sources: Time, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News