Sources Say Trump Told Cohen to Lie to Congress

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 1/18/19

According to BuzzFeed News, inside sources have said that President Donald Trump personally directed his at-the-time lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress when being testified about his Trump Tower Project in Moscow. More specifically, lying about any relations and discussions had with Russian authorities.

Michael Cohen, who was found guilty and jailed after it was revealed he lied to Congress, has declined all comments to BuzzFeed. He was found guilty in late November, and sentenced to three years in prison. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani declined the action, saying: “If you believe Cohen I can get you a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

BuzzFeed has also reported that Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign supported a plan to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin for negotiations in Moscow. Although plans most likely fell through, other members of the Trump campaign might’ve played a role, although very minimal according to BuzzFeed News.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, The Daily Nick

OPINION: Trump’s Fast Food Buffet was Good

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 1/16/19

Photos posted by Trump, The White House, and more official accounts of President Trump welcoming recent National Championship winners Clemson shows the President with a feast of various fast foods around him. Criticism immediately followed the post, but what the various posts and shots at Trump fail to realize is that the feast isn’t for them, it’s for the players.

Many took cheap shots at President Trump for hosting the buffet, including how he has millions of dollars and that it lacked respect, despite the fact that he paid over $3,000 for the various fast foods, and that the players actually enjoyed the meal. “Almost nothing remained,” quoted Donald Trump, referring to the buffet, “the players really enjoyed their meal.”

Not only that, but despite denying a false quote, Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence said he enjoyed the food, and the White House visit, and due to what was remaining, the players did, too. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how fancy the food is on the table, or what you dress up as to dinner, but food is something that everybody can enjoy, and the amount of money you pay for something shouldn’t judge how much respect you put in.

Trump was put in a difficult situation, he simply couldn’t pay his cooks that weren’t covered under the shutdown. I’d personally rather take a welcoming environment with foods I like rather than a more professional and less comfortable environment with fancy, less likable food. The media and press shouldn’t speak for the players, they aren’t their voice. Instead, stop judging and let people eat food!

Sources and Pictures: Flickr, CNN, New York Post

US Troops Begin to Withdraw from Syria

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 1/11/19

The US-led military coalition in Syria has reportedly begun the process of withdrawing troops, US military official Sean Ryan stated this morning. “The US started the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria.” This has come after President Trump signed to make the decision back before Christmas in December.

Col. Ryan also stated that there will be no specific timelines nor location of the withdrawal out of “concern of operational security”. The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a non-profit organization centered in Syria, reported that the withdrawal had already started overnight.

The decision to withdraw troops from Syria has been met with mixed feedback, including criticism from Democrats and some Republicans, while there was positive feedback from many pro-Trump voters and conservatives. Overall though, the decision to withdraw before the official surrendering of ISIS means that the fight will now be up to regional fighters such as Iraq and the Syrian forces.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, Flickr, Fox News

Trump Makes First Oval Office Speech on Border Wall Crisis

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 1/9/19

President Donald Trump made his first televised speech from the oval office last night to speak about the controversy surrounding the $5 billion border wall, and the partial government shutdown about it that has reached 17 days. Senate Republicans and Democrats failed to compromise on the border wall, in return shutting down a part of the government for the third longest time on record.

During the speech, Trump pulled different statistics and evidence supporting his case regarding the border wall crisis. Just after the oval office speech, Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer made a speech regarding his televised broadcast, as well as reconfirming their own stances on the crisis.

In the broadcast, Trump described the situation as “a humanitarian crisis” and stated that more Americans have died from illegal drugs than the Vietnam War. In return, Democratic leaders Pelosi and Schumer stated that Trump is unwilling to cooperate on bipartisan bills. So far, the partial government shutdown doesn’t have an end in sight, and it’s still up to debate over who started it.

Sources and Pictures: Flickr, CNN, CNN Politics, Fox News

EXCLUSIVE: Shutdown Continues for Over Two Weeks

By Nick Baum

MONDAY – 1/7/19

The government shutdown between Senate Republicans and Democrats over a $5 billion border wall has lasted for 16 days now, which is the third longest on record. The shutdown started on December 21, and requires 60 senators to accept it in order for the funding bill to go into effect.

Days before the shutdown, President Trump met with Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer over potential funding options for the government. As of right now, it is only a partial government shutdown, with some national parks and federal departments closing. Of these departments include the Department of Transportation, which controls the pay of TSA workers in airports, who are currently working without pay.

President Trump traveled to Camp David in Maryland to meet with officials over government funding again. Vice President Mike Pence has also met with leaders from both parties over options. Trump has considered declaring it a “national emergency”, where funding can be diverted from the military to the border wall without government funding.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, CBS, Wikimedia Commons

House of Representatives Passes Border Wall Funding Bill

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 12/21/18

Last night, the House of Representatives voted 217 to 185 to pass a government funding bill that would allocate $5.7 billion to the border wall between Mexico and the United States. The somewhat large Republican majority was able to pass it with ease, but as the bill goes to the Senate, where a Republican majority is just 51 – 49, every vote will count.

Not only does the bill need a majority though, but it would also need to pass by 60 votes in the Senate, meaning that it is much likelier that there will be a partial government shutdown than a border wall funding bill, as President Trump said he won’t enact any Senate funding bills that don’t pay for the border wall.

However, if the bill does not pass there will only be a partial government shutdown, where only 9 of the 15 cabinet departments close down, and only some areas of government stop working. If there is a shutdown, then it will happen by midnight of today.

Sources and Pictures: Wikimedia Commons, Fox News, CNN

Trump Withdraws Troops from Syria

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 12/20/18

Just yesterday, President Donald Trump announced in a speech that he will be withdrawing all 2,000 US soldiers from Syria. Later on Twitter, he declared US victory of the Islamic State, and that troops should be home for Christmas and the holidays.

The decision to withdraw troops has gained more criticism than approval from Capitol Hill, but has still seen mixed reactions across the aisle. Republican Senator and Trump ally Lindsay Graham blasted the decision, calling it “A stain on the honor of the United States.”

Other Republican lawmakers, as well as liberal journalist Jake Tapper, disapproved of the action, but Democrat congresswoman Barbara Lee agreed after campaigning for a troop withdrawal from Syria for a while. Overall though, we have yet to see the effects of this decision.

Sources and Pictures: US Military News, CNN Politics, CNN, Fox News