ABC Creates New Roseanne Spinoff “The Conners” Without Roseanne

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 6/22/18

ABC has announced that they will be created a brand new spin off TV series based off of the original Roseanne series, which was unexpectedly cancelled after main actress Roseanne Barr tweeted racist comments on Twitter.

The show was reported to feature all of the feature stars from the original Roseanne show, just without Roseanne herself. Other than the plans on the show, there is not much known about what will be occurring in the new show, or what the premise is, but many speculate it will not involve the original Roseanne.

In the original show, Roseanne was a Trump supporter, and every episode featured a different premise and different stance that she would argue about with other people. The show brought mixed reactions, with some applauding explaining how Trump supporters aren’t included in talks of diversity, while others called it out saying “it isn’t right” and should be about something else. However, the new spinoff series will be temporary, with only ten episodes being included, one per week and with the possibility of a second season.

Sources: CNN, ABC

Guatemala Volcano Eruption Kills 25

By Nick Baum

MONDAY – 6/4/18

Just hours ago, the famous Volcán de Fuego, an active volcano in Guatemala, erupted killing 25 people and injuring 20 more, according to the country’s disaster relief agency CONRED. Its last eruption was March 25, 2017, and the volcano has been deemed active for many years. The surprise eruption sent ash and fumes into nearby villages, as well as the country’s capital, Guatemala City.

Immediately once the eruption began, the lava stream switched directions and instead came barreling down to a small village called El Rodeo. The incoming river of lava and ash buried the town, killing unexpecting residents in the process. After, the eruption invaded a nearby village, San Miguel Los Lotes, and once again completely burying the town.

Just minutes later, the ash and clouds shifted direction once again, and spread the ash to Guatemala City, the largest city and capital in Guatemala. However, no fatalities were reported in Guatemala City, and the eruption has passed. Guatemalan President Jimmy Moralez called for “three days of mourning” in response to the surprise eruption.

Sources: CNN, CONRED, Wikipedia

ABC Cancels Show “Roseanne” After Star Posts Racist Tweet

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 5/30/18

Yesterday, Roseanne Barr, leading actress of ABC’s hit show “Roseanne”, was fired from the show, and the show itself cancelled, just hours after a racist tweet by Barr. In the tweet, Barr was attacking Valerie Jarrett, a half black half Muslim Democrat. Barr tweeted “Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby”.

Just minutes after her post, backlash poured in from both political sides deeming Barr as “racist” and a “hater”. At the time of the tweet, in the early morning of May 29, ABC and parent company Disney decided to end the show, which was currently aiming for its second season.

ABC said in a statement that Roseanne Barr “had been warned multiple times” for other tweets in the past, and that “enough was enough” after the latest tweet. The company also stated that Barr was “inconsistent with our values”, and that she had violated some before.

Sources: CNN, Wall Street Journal

Trump says that North Korea Summit “Could be Called off”

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 5/23/18

US President Donald Trump said in a press release, that the planned summit between North Korea and the United States, thought to be seen as a great step towards peace between the two nations, as well as a victory for the Trump Administration, could be called off. The meeting was originally going to be held on June 12, in Singapore, thought to be a neutral ground for the two countries as Singapore hasn’t been an active member on either side of the peace talks.

The statement by President Trump has been decided after Kim Jong Un threatened peace talks between the two nations after the continuous use of military drills with South Korea, despite growing relations with North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also said that North Korea “will not give up” its nuclear arsenal, and that the United States needs to tone down their hopes.

As of now, it is still very unclear whether the summit will still be held or not, with the possibility that it could be postponed to a later date. However, if relations between North Korea and the US continue to slip, then no summit between the two nations could be seen as a bad loss for not only Trump, but the country.

Sources: CNN, Wall Street Journal

Two Russian Military Planes Intercepted off of Alaska

By Nick Baum

SATURDAY – 5/12/18

Two Tupolev Tu-95 “Bear” planes belonging to the Russian Federation were intercepted by a pair of F-22 US stealth planes. The Russian planes were first spotted over international waters, but later entered “Air Defense Identification Zone”, an airspace that is not part of the US, but is still federal law for any aircraft within the zone to identify itself, as the Russian plane did not.

The report was first shared by a spokesman for NORAD, in charge of air command and defense in the United States, at about 10 AM. After the planes identified the zone, they eventually turned around back to the mainland according to the spokesman. Defense officials later reported to Fox News, stating that the airplanes went as close as 55 miles off Alaska’s west coast.

The two planes were part of a type of aircraft originally created during the Soviet Union, in the 1950’s. Both aircrafts were also identified to have nuclear capacity, and to have the power to fire nuclear weapons. A similar encounter happened a year ago, on May 3, 2017 with a Sukhoi Su-27 aircraft (the same type of plane as the picture above). The Russian aircraft traveled dangerously close to American air space, even entering within 20 feet of the air space before turning around.

Sources: CNN, Fox News

EXCLUSIVE: The Southwest Emergency Flight: What Happened?

By Nick Baum

SATURDAY – 4/21/18

This week, Southwest Airlines flight 1380, a Boeing 737, was in jeopardy as the left engine exploded mid flight, sending metal and shrapnel into the plane’s fuselage. The pilots had to make an emergency landing, and luckily landed the plane with only one passenger having to go to the hospital, the passenger was later confirmed dead.

Inside the plane was a different story, however. When the engine exploded, it was designed not to send debris into other parts of the plane, as the Boeing 737 was intentionally designed not to do that. Investigations are looking into this, as well as the passenger reaction to it as well. A recorded cell phone video shows that most passengers in the video were wearing their oxygen masks the wrong way, as only their mouth, not their noses were covered.

The pilots of the aircraft are being praised and thanked for their skills and ability to land the plane despite lacking a left engine and a damaged fuselage. Southwest Airlines has offered $5,000 checks to all passengers on the flight, as well as offering another free flight to the same destination.

Sources: CNN, CBS News

Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Against Senate

By Nick Baum

Edited by Alex Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/11/18

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, was asked a wide range of questions while he testified against a Senate committee.

   Zuckerberg still has another day of testimony on Capitol Hill, and will likely again be asked a diverse amount of questions. The hearing was called on suspicions of Cambridge Analytica, who in order to promote Republican candidates hacked into Facebook in order to advertise.

   Despite the scandal gaining an increased amount of attention, other questions were asked, sparking both approval and disapproval. Sen. Ted Cruz backlashed at Zuckerberg, complaining about Facebook’s treatment of conservative groups on the sight. Other questions weren’t on point, Sen. John Kennedy Jr. complained about Facebook’s user agreement, saying that it “sucked,” while also pointing out numerous things to improve. Zuckerberg, of course, responded with defense stating that they were already a part of the agreement.

Sources: CNN, Fox News