House Speaker Paul Ryan Retires

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/11/18

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan has announced that he will not be seeking re-election, and will instead be retiring in January of 2019. Paul Ryan first became a congressman in 1998, representing the first congressional district of Wisconsin.

In 2015, Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House of Representatives, the person who leads the house and announces different bills. Originally, Ryan was supposed to step down like other Wisconsin Republicans if the Republicans lose the house in the 2018 midterms.

Instead, Paul Ryan took the time at a meeting to express his gratitude for his nearly 20 year career as congressman, then saying that his focus has “shifted” and that he is now focused on being a husband and father. His retirement is just one of many for congressional Republicans, adding more uncertainty for the party in the midterms.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNN

OPINION: What to Do in Syria

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/11/18

Two days ago in the small rebel held city of Douma, outside of government held Damascus, a gas attack allegedly formed. Killing at least 70 innocent citizens, it sparked outrage, both within Syrian borders and internationally as well. One of the most notable of which was with US President Donald Trump.

Trump said at a roundtable discussion after the gas attacks that a “major decision” will be coming in the next 24 hours to 48 hours. While it’s unclear whether Trump wanted to be mysterious and wanted to gather attention, or he just needed some time is unclear, but Trump is expected to take decisive military action on the Syrian government, possibly firing missiles, and I couldn’t agree more.

We need to remember that the Syrian government is a dictatorship. It is a government that is willing to gas attack and kill its own citizens and will deny it when asked. It is an evil government that limits all of its people freedoms, wealth, and lives, and they need to be punished. Sanctions at this point won’t work, and neither will negotiations, especially as they continue to deny killing their own citizens.

We need to bomb them, fire missiles, blow bases up, the cliche stuff will work. I’m not saying target cities with civilians, or any place with a civilian population, as that can bring into question America’s actions just like Syria’s. We need to bomb their bases, bomb their runways, bomb their supplies, anywhere that can hurt them without hurting innocent civilians.

If any military personnel is killed, then so be it. You jump the line from being a civilian to an evil person when you put on the uniform and help the evil dictatorship. It is truly ridiculous what the Syrian government is doing, and it needs to be stopped with real force, now.

Sources: The Daily Nick (past article), BBC, The New York Times, CNN

Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Against Senate

By Nick Baum

Edited by Alex Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/11/18

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, was asked a wide range of questions while he testified against a Senate committee.

   Zuckerberg still has another day of testimony on Capitol Hill, and will likely again be asked a diverse amount of questions. The hearing was called on suspicions of Cambridge Analytica, who in order to promote Republican candidates hacked into Facebook in order to advertise.

   Despite the scandal gaining an increased amount of attention, other questions were asked, sparking both approval and disapproval. Sen. Ted Cruz backlashed at Zuckerberg, complaining about Facebook’s treatment of conservative groups on the sight. Other questions weren’t on point, Sen. John Kennedy Jr. complained about Facebook’s user agreement, saying that it “sucked,” while also pointing out numerous things to improve. Zuckerberg, of course, responded with defense stating that they were already a part of the agreement.

Sources: CNN, Fox News

EXCLUSIVE: Trade Tension Between US and China Eases

By Nick Baum

TUESDAY – 4/10/18

Just days after President Trump proposed a $100 billion dollar tariff plan on Chinese made products, tension between the two leading economies in the world died down. After the tariff plan was announced, The Chinese administration of leader Xi Jinping responded to the act angrily.

However, no new tariffs or duties were placed on either countries’ economies, a sign that economic tension and rivalry between the two countries might be eased, even after signs of a trade war were showing.

Also a good sign is that stocks in the NYSE have opened higher than expected. Currently, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the largest indicator of the stock market, has risen to a steady 24,400. The last time the stock market was at that amount of points, it was on the steady decline after President Trump’s new tariff plan.

Sources: Fox News, Fox Business, NBC News

FBI Raids Home of Michael Cohen, Trump Attorney

By Nick Baum

TUESDAY – 4/10/18

Yesterday, the home of Michael Cohen was raided by FBI agents, according to the Department of Justice. Michael Cohen is the attorney of US President Donald Trump and is his leading lawyer against Stormy Daniels’s accusations against Trump and his silencing of her.

Michael Cohen, who is also suspected of collusion with Russia, hasn’t officially responded to the act yet, but President Trump has in a round table discussion. Trump called it, “A total witch hunt,” and stating “There is no collusion with Russia” at the meeting.

The DOJ cited suspicions of collusion with the Russian government as the main reason of the raid. Others, including defendants of Stormy Daniels, or Stephanie Clifford, state that it could bring the legal battle between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels to new heights.

Sources: CNN, The Washington Post

North Korea Driven Towards Denuclearization

By Nick Baum

MONDAY – 4/9/18

Yesterday according to administration officials, North Korea reportedly contacted the Trump Administration, stating that they are, in fact, heading towards denuclearization. The decision to contact the administration has come after Kim Jong Un met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping earlier this March.

The Trump Administration has yet to officially comment about this decision, but President Trump has previously encouraged the denuclearization process, but still urged the United States to pressure North Korea. Trump also said the decision for North Korea to head towards denuclearization was also because of the US’s “upmost pressure” against Pyongyang.

The exact contact to the administration detailed that Kim Jong Un is preparing for plans to denuclearization, which could lead to a summit in Pyongyang. In February, Trump said that he would meet Kim Jong Un by the end of May, which might increase hope for there to be a summit soon.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post

EXCLUSIVE AND OPINION: Gambling in the United States

By Nick Baum

SUNDAY – 4/8/18

Gambling has taken many forms, not only the United States but in other countries, too. Both the United Kingdom and France has legalized gambling nation-wide, so why haven’t we? To simply put it, the government doesn’t want us to get in a habit.

Numerous studies have shown the risks and effects of long term gambling, as it can easily lead to fights, deaths, and obviously, losing large sums of money. So, as a result, the government decided to keep gambling legal, but to only grant states the permission on where and where not to legalize gambling and casinos.

For example, after the gold rush, Nevada had no true and reliable industry. Most of the state’s gold was gone, and there weren’t that many resources there, so it was decided that they would legalize gambling state wide, and now benefits off of that. New Jersey is another example. Atlantic City was going bankrupt, and as a result the state legislature decided to legalize gambling in the city only.

This is a great idea, both for the states of Nevada and New Jersey, and for the United States government. Regulations on gambling can take advantage of it, by excluding to certain areas only, and thus promoting different cities. Overall, America’s approach at gambling isn’t right or wrong from other countries, but it gives small and declining areas a chance.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal,