Trump Considers Veto of Government Funding Bill

By Nick Baum


This past Thursday, a bipartisan bill for government funding passed through both the house and senate, with both Democratic and Republican leaders putting their differences aside. The government funding bill, which 1.3 Trillion dollars, would include funding on infrastructure, oil drilling, and more.

The bill itself swiftly passed through the house but was briefly held back by two Republican Senators in the senate. However, the bill still passed. The bill is 2,232 pages long, and despite this, and the fact that is was passed within 24 hours of the deadline, President Trump might be considering not to sign it.

This is reasoned because of the lack of immigration policy and enforcement in the bill, including not enough detailed funding for that area. While Trump is still expected to sign it by Republican leaders, some Democratic leaders resisted the effort, stating how there is no funding for DACA, ending the program after it was originally supposed to be cut short two years prior.

Sources: CNN, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal

Austin Package Bomber Identified

By Nick Baum


After a little more than a week of search, the suspect of bombs going off in packages in and around Austin has been identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, according to a primary source at the scene.

Conditt, a 23 year old white male, blew himself up in his car as police came in in the early hours of Wednesday, according to local authorities. Five different bombs went off in the past week, and a sixth one at a FedEx center didn’t go off.

Of the bombs that did go off, four of which were around the Austin area and blew up residential homes and neighborhoods. The fifth was in a FedEx shipping facility in San Antonio, an hour away from Austin. The sixth bomb didn’t explode, and was found inside a package. Finally, the suspect blew himself up as police drew nearer in a car in Round Rock, a suburb of Austin.

The identity of the man was found from receipts at local stores, as the bombs were thought to be home made.

Sources: CNN, The New York Times

Deputy FBI Director McCabe Fired

By Nick Baum


Yesterday Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe was fired yesterday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. A representative of McCabe learned last night from a press release about the firing, reports have concluded.

This decision has came less than two days before his expected retirement, where he was expected to retire on Sunday, on his 50th birthday. This decision also came after the firing of James Comey, director of the FBI before President Trump asked for his resignation in early May.

President Trump had always viewed negatively of McCabe, despite interviewing him for the role of FBI Director shortly after Comey was fired. Despite the interview, Trump had disapproved of McCabe’s leadership and decision making, even taunting Jeff Sessions for not firing him yet.

Sources- FBI, CNN, Politico

Pedestrian Bridge Collapses in Miami

By Nick Baum


A pedestrian bridge at the University of Miami has collapsed, trapping eight cars and causing six people to go to the hospital, according to the mayor of Miami-Dade. The bridge, which is for people only crashed on to a six lane highway below.

News came out from the Miami Fire Department that there are also several injuries, including at least one dead. The fatality has not been identified yet, but fire and rescue officers are at the scene of the bridge to help out.

“There are eight vehicles that are trapped underneath as far as we know and we are going to try and get to them as quickly as we can,” said Gimenez, mayor of Miami-Dade. It is estimated that there might be multiple fatalities, but as of now they are not confirmed.

Sources- CNN, BBC, Miami-Dade

President Trump Fires Tillerson

By Nick Baum


According to multiple reports, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be fired by President Trump, but a time of this is still not given. Rex Tillerson was apparently asked by chief of staff that he is being replaced, but a time was not given to him.

Tillerson will be replaced by CIA director Mike Pompeo, a close ally of Trump and a character whom he really trusts. Trump said that, “We were not really thinking the same,” and that they started to disagree on certain subjects.

Originally, Tillerson learned of his replacement after Trump tweeted about him, thanking him for being a US diplomat. It was later confirmed by the White House chief of staff that he will be replaced.

Sources- The White House, CNN, BBC

Trump’s Speech in Western Pennsylvania

By Nick Baum


Trump had a rally in western Pennsylvania last night, and drew in both strong support and strong criticism from both sides of the aisle. The speech, lasting about an hour and a half, was said to have been almost completely improv, with CNN reporting that Trump only spent five minutes reading the script, and that he spent a good portion of the rally talking about other politicians.

The rally was held west of Pittsburgh, and was in support rep. Rick Saccone, whom is running for congress in that district ahead of a special election. This is viewed as a very important race for the Republicans as the congressional district has played a major role in the steel industry, housing many blue collar jobs.

The details in the speech that Trump went over included talking about the new tariffs introduced on steel and aluminum, North Korea, and conservative issues and stances. He also spent some of the speech calling out different Democrats, including saying Rep. Maxine Waters has “a very low IQ” and saying that NBC host Chuck Todd has “sleepy eyes”. The district in which the special election is occurring went to Trump by twenty points, and is easily projected to go to Rep. Saccone.

Sources: CNN, NBC

UPDATE: Three Dead in Veterans Home Attack

By Nick Baum


It is is confirmed that the active shooter in the Yountsville Veterans Home attack killed three female hostages, and then himself. The shooter has been identified as Albert Wong, 36, and entered the veterans home with an assault rifle. The veterans home, in Yountsville California, has been confirmed by the California Department of Veterans as the largest veterans home in the nation.

As local police closed off nearby roads, highways, and established a perimeter, some swore they heard more shots coming from inside. The standoff escalated as hostage negotiators tried to contact Wong, but to no avail.

Around 6:00 PM on Friday, Napa County Police stormed the room thought to have the shooter and hostages, only to find him lying dead next to three more dead hostages. Jennifer Gonzales, 29; Jennifer Golick, 42; and Christine Loeber, 48. All three were female.

Sources: CNN, CHP, CDV