UPDATE: Three Dead in Veterans Home Attack

By Nick Baum


It is is confirmed that the active shooter in the Yountsville Veterans Home attack killed three female hostages, and then himself. The shooter has been identified as Albert Wong, 36, and entered the veterans home with an assault rifle. The veterans home, in Yountsville California, has been confirmed by the California Department of Veterans as the largest veterans home in the nation.

As local police closed off nearby roads, highways, and established a perimeter, some swore they heard more shots coming from inside. The standoff escalated as hostage negotiators tried to contact Wong, but to no avail.

Around 6:00 PM on Friday, Napa County Police stormed the room thought to have the shooter and hostages, only to find him lying dead next to three more dead hostages. Jennifer Gonzales, 29; Jennifer Golick, 42; and Christine Loeber, 48. All three were female.

Sources: CNN, CHP, CDV

Active Shooter at Veterans Home in Yountville, CA

By Nick Baum


There have been reported shots fired and active hostages taken at a veterans home in Yountsville, California, according to local police and media outlets. The veterans home itself, is reported to be the largest veterans home in the country, according to the California Department of Veterans.

Yountsville, in Napa County is in the northern bay area, west of San Francisco and east of Sacramento. California Highway Police has currently blocked off nearby routes and have reported multiple hostages, as well as shots heard from inside.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office recently tweeted that they are working with California Highway Police to establish a perimeter of the building. No fatalities have been confirmed yet.

Sources- CNN, One America News, CDV, CHP, Napa County Sheriff

Trump Agrees to Meet Kim Jong Un by May

By Nick Baum


News broke out last night that President Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un by May, The White House reported. Trump, whom along with Mike Pence didn’t believe the South Korean and North Korean merger for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, will still remain skeptical and maybe even not convinced.

After news broke out of Trump’s decision by South Korean National Security Advisor Chung Eui-Yong, many seemed shocked by the decision, especially after the administration’s mood during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Mike Pence, whom was at the games, decided to sit during the national anthem in protest. Mike Pence’s opinion sided with the majority of South Koreans, as many agreed with his stance and remained skeptical.

However, ever since the games, relations between South Korea and North Korea have been improved. Meetings between the two countries’ officials have occurred almost weekly, and a summit in Pyongyang hosted by Kim Jong Un himself invited South Korean President Moon, whom agreed to come.

Sources-The White House, NBC News, Fox News

OPINION: Trump’s Unusually Bad Economic Decision

By Nick Baum


Today, President Donald Trump defied lots of international backlash and responses to deliver a recent set of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. The tariffs, are to take effect as soon as possible, and Trump views the already occurring trade war as “good”, because for some reason, rising prices based on meaningless taxes is now “good”.

It wouldn’t be everyday where I hate a Trump decision, let alone an economic one, but Trump’s very controversial decision has crossed the line from “Trump controversial” to “Actually just stupid”.

He’s delivered tariffs on the two products, thinking that workers in the field will have a fairer chance. While this is true, and that promise will be determined, the cons outnumber the pros. Donald Trump’s chief economic advisor Gary Cohn resigned amid the new tariff plan, the Stock Market dived well down, and the European Union is already planning to launch tariffs of it’s own. Maybe next time, Trump needs to play it safe and learn from the history books, tariffs never work.

Sources: The New York Times, CNN, The Weekly Standard

International Women’s Day

By Nick Baum


It’s that time of the year again, International Women’s Day. The day was created to represent female empowerment and rights, while creating a pride to be female. March 8, the official date of the holiday, has been celebrated world wide, but this year has contained the biggest celebration so far.

The fast food chain McDonald’s swapped their famous yellow arch logo on many of their signs, turning it upside down so instead of an “M” for McDonald’s, it is a “W” for women. The chicken fast food chain KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, changed their logo for the day by making their Colonel Sanders logo into a girl, a controversial yet celebrated decision by many.

The day has also been made infamous for the number of times the holiday “International Men’s Day” has been looked up. On Google, 3/5 of the search “When is International Men’s Day?” has been asked on International Women’s Day. (Hint, it’s November 19, mark your calendars, guys.)

Sources: Google, Business Insider

Trump Meets with Video Game Representatives

By Nick Baum


President Donald Trump will be meeting with representatives of the video game industry in a conference, Thursday, according to the White House. He is doing this in his push to further update and confirm that video games are responsible for mass shootings, and be could be responsible for the shooting two weeks ago at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The meeting will also include key politicians that are against the video game industry and its negative effects. Some members of this side including Missouri Congressional Republican Vicky Hartzler, whom complained that video game violence needs to be addressed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting of 2012. The meeting also includes head of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell, who complains about the media influencing shooters, including the Sandy Hook shooting.

Some representatives of the video game industry, however, include Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Rockstar Games who is the company that made the controversial Grand Theft Auto. The game itself has been in many controversies including the straight forward shooting and killing, nudity, and an apparent sexual mini game in an earlier release.¬†Other representatives include Robert Altman, CEO of ZeniMax Media whom owns Bethesda Studios, creators of the Portal, Half-Life, and Fallout series. More smaller roles will also join the meeting, according to the White House, but many of the representatives will represent companies that mainly produce video games that are rated “M” for mature.

Sources- Associated Press, CNN, The White House