OPINION: It was Wrong to Kick Sarah Sanders Out

2 thoughts on “OPINION: It was Wrong to Kick Sarah Sanders Out”

  1. Hey Nick…
    I’m just seeing this now and understand your feelings. But I’m trying to understand how you see a right to refuse service due to disagreement in political party or way of life but how does that differ from refusing to serve someone of a different skin color or religion? I’m not sure there is one, and don’t agree that making America great means going back to a time this was ok. If you’re in business in America, I believe in equal acess. Your thoughts?

    And I agree we shouldn’t fight fire with fire as Rep. Waters seems to indicate. Not good. DP


    1. Hello DP, I believe that there is a difference between refusing service based on political differences and refusing services based on sexuality. You see, the baker refused to serve the gay couple because it went against his religious and moral beliefs, compared to refusing service to those who are politically different than you, who you are refusing service to based on disagreement and differences in terms of politics.
      Hope this clears things up, I honestly don’t know if I already typed that in the article, but I’m happy we can find common ground on Rep. Waters’s tactics.


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