2018 Primaries: Results and News

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 6/6/18

The 2018 Primary Elections seemed balanced for both major political parties, but with some elections in North Carolina, Indiana, and West Virginia showing that the Democrats have the edge, with many having a higher voter turnout that their Republican counterparts. However, the GOP candidates have fielded their expected candidates, including in the Montana race for the Senate seat, currently being held by Sen. Tester, who will be challenged by Rosendale, a respected candidate in the GOP.

In California, votes in some cases are still being counted, but the California primaries have taught us that any party can make some noise, no matter where. California’s primaries are “jungle primaries”, meaning that both Republicans and Democrats run against each other, and the top two go to the general election. In the race for governor, Democratic front runner Newsom won as expected, but Republican candidate Cox made an upset by replacing the other expected Democrat Villaraigosa.

Also in California, the Senate Primaries are still being counted. The Senate Primaries are also jungle primaries, and currently the top spot has been projected to be Feinstein, easily projected to win. This leaves room for one more candidate, and it has come down to Democrat De Leon with 10.9%, and Republican Bradley with 9.1%, so the second spot is easily up for grabs.

Sources: CNN, FiveThirtyEight, Fox News, CNN Politics, Flickr

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