Trump says that North Korea Summit “Could be Called off”

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 5/23/18

US President Donald Trump said in a press release, that the planned summit between North Korea and the United States, thought to be seen as a great step towards peace between the two nations, as well as a victory for the Trump Administration, could be called off. The meeting was originally going to be held on June 12, in Singapore, thought to be a neutral ground for the two countries as Singapore hasn’t been an active member on either side of the peace talks.

The statement by President Trump has been decided after Kim Jong Un threatened peace talks between the two nations after the continuous use of military drills with South Korea, despite growing relations with North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also said that North Korea “will not give up” its nuclear arsenal, and that the United States needs to tone down their hopes.

As of now, it is still very unclear whether the summit will still be held or not, with the possibility that it could be postponed to a later date. However, if relations between North Korea and the US continue to slip, then no summit between the two nations could be seen as a bad loss for not only Trump, but the country.

Sources: CNN, Wall Street Journal

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