Justice Department will Review FBI Probe of Trump Presidential Campaign

By Nick Baum

MONDAY – 5/21/18

In a series of tweets on Sunday, US President Donald Trump criticized Mueller’s FBI probe and its handle of investigating into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. After the tweets were sent out, the Department of Justice asked its internal watchdog group, in charge of investigating different probes, groups, and political groups, to review the full case of the FBI probe and to find any points of being biased after Trump denounced the Mueller probe in a tweet, calling it a “witch hunt”, and that is was completely biased.

The reason for Trump’s series of tweets and the DOJ’s investigation is most likely to be because of suspicions that the FBI surveilled and/or infiltrated any offices relating to Trump’s campaign, and more over if the Obama administration ever wire tapped Trump’s campaign, as well as if the Obama administration asked the FBI in the first place to surveil Trump. These three points were the driving factor in Trump’s tweets, and is seen by the Republican base as a big win for them and for Trump.

Also in the plea, Trump referred to a man who allegedly approached more than two Trump aides in the campaign, and that the man was thought to be linked to the counterintelligence investigation into the Presidential campaign. It is unclear what the results of the DOJ’s investigation will find, but one of Trump’s legal aids and former Mayor of New York Rudy¬†Giuliani, said that Mueller, in charge of the FBI probe, can finish the investigation with an interview with Trump this summer.

Sources: CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fox News, ABC News

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