Body Cam Footage Shows Raid of Las Vegas Shooter’s Suite

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 5/3/18

Newly released body cam footage worn on Las Vegas Police Department Officers depict up to three hours of response from the Las Vegas shooting. In the shooting, senior citizen Stephen Paddock opened fire with an automatic rifle on a concert from his hotel suite above.

The shooting killed 58 people, and 515 more were injured. The body cam footage showed different moments of the police’s reactions, including the drive up to the crime scene, shooting through the door to get into the suite, as well as searching the suite.

In the body cam footage, weapons can be seen scattered and hidden throughout the suite, as officers try to decipher what the shooter wanted and if he wasn’t the only one responsible. The footage is available online and viewer discretion is advised.

Sources: CNN, Independent, Associated Press

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