EXCLUSIVE: The Up and Down Economy

By Nick Baum

SATURDAY – 4/28/18

Both the economy and the stock market have gone through a roller coaster of a ride these past few months, the results of a growing economy interrupted by the possibilities of a trade war with China.

Months ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the average that measures how will the stock market is doing, had hit 26,000 points, its highest of all time. While many debated on who was to credit for the spike, a trade war was soon to follow and drop it.

US President Donald Trump announced billions of dollars in new tariffs to be added in order to promote American manufacturing and industries. While this could be true, the stock market rapidly declined, and has even reached 22,000, the lowest so far this year.

Stocks could be going up once again, as signs of a trade war have faded away and peace starts to stabilize through the Korean peninsula, it can give some companies a chance at making great profits, as well as spreading influence.

Sources: Fox News, The Wall Street Journal

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