LeBron James Makes Amazing Buzzer Beater to Win Game 5

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 4/26/18

The National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs have proved to be a fun and exciting atmosphere. The Cleveland Cavaliers, 2016-17 season runner-ups and 2015-16 season champions, have struggled recently in their first round.

The Cavaliers are struggling against a worse off Indiana Pacers team, who has constantly played up and held on to the series. By Game 5, the series score was 2-2 until LeBron James pulled up one of his best games yet. Besides scoring 44 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists, James also hit the game winning shot that would shift the series in their favor, a 2 game winning streak after losing the series to the Pacers 2-1.

As the shot clock winded down, the score was tied 95-95 with seconds remaining. James got the ball at the free throw line, a very crowded free throw line with many Pacers swarming around him trying to force an overtime. However, James got out of the pile, dribbling backwards to the point where he was two feet behind the three point line, and then decided to shoot it, sending the ball ripping through the net and a game winner.

Sources: ESPN, Bleacher Report

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