OPINION: We Need to Pull Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/25/18

Just yesterday, President Trump stated that he hopes to be out of the Iran Nuclear Deal as soon as possible, and honestly, I couldn’t agree more with the decision. I have said that same line before regarding President Trump, but his words are in the right line of fire, even if his actions aren’t.

Trump complained about the deal, calling it “ridiculous”, as it is, and just thinking about it makes you cringe. The United States pays Iran billions of dollars and in return Iran has to stop creating nuclear weapons, and they still didn’t.

Not only are we going back on our important roots by funding these terrorists, but when they continue to keep funding their program, it proves that Obama is not only a poor negotiator but he simply doesn’t understand foreign policy. Iran is our enemy, even if we pay them so much money, they will continue to do their evil things!

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, CNBC

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