EXCLUSIVE: The Southwest Emergency Flight: What Happened?

By Nick Baum

SATURDAY – 4/21/18

This week, Southwest Airlines flight 1380, a Boeing 737, was in jeopardy as the left engine exploded mid flight, sending metal and shrapnel into the plane’s fuselage. The pilots had to make an emergency landing, and luckily landed the plane with only one passenger having to go to the hospital, the passenger was later confirmed dead.

Inside the plane was a different story, however. When the engine exploded, it was designed not to send debris into other parts of the plane, as the Boeing 737 was intentionally designed not to do that. Investigations are looking into this, as well as the passenger reaction to it as well. A recorded cell phone video shows that most passengers in the video were wearing their oxygen masks the wrong way, as only their mouth, not their noses were covered.

The pilots of the aircraft are being praised and thanked for their skills and ability to land the plane despite lacking a left engine and a damaged fuselage. Southwest Airlines has offered $5,000 checks to all passengers on the flight, as well as offering another free flight to the same destination.

Sources: CNN, CBS News

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