DOJ Releases Memos by James Comey on Trump

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 4/20/18

The Department of Justice has recently released a string of memos written by former director of the FBI James Comey. The memos talked about Trump and Comey’s past encounters with the US President. Before, the memos have been closely guarded.

Three Republican chairmen of the House of Representatives urged the DOJ to release the memos early in an effort to limit the amount of effect and opposition the memos might bring. The DOJ agreed with the request stating “that the release of the memoranda to Congress at this time would not adversely impact any ongoing investigation or other confidentiality interests of the Executive Branch.”

Comey has also admitted to being fine with anyone reading, including Congressional Republicans who oppose Comey and his actions. Currently, the memos are available to read on other news websites, including CNN.

Sources: The Hill, CNN

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