OPINION: Believe North Korea’s Denuclearization

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 4/19/18

The time has come to finally believe Kim Jong un and his denuclearization talks, and many more Americans are thinking the same. Recently, CIA Director Mike Pompeo was ordered by President Trump to secretly meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Easter weekend.

Not only this, but Kim Jong Un traveled to China weeks ago to meet with Chinese leader, Xi Jinping. While some conservatives might still try to remain skeptical, it is ridiculous to stay this way after that has happened. The North Korean dictator now meeting with Americans, the Chinese, unifying North and South Korea at the Olympics, and lots more.

Kim Jong Un is serious about denuclearization, and we need to believe it in order to finally welcome North Korea to the rest of the world. While he could’ve opened up to the world after “pressure” from Donald Trump, we need to get rid of this feeling of sketchiness and be open to the rogue state.

Sources: CNN, NPR

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