CIA Director Mike Pompeo Met with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/18/18

News was released of a secret meeting between current director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The meeting took place over Easter weekend, and Pompeo was sent by President Trump to discuss a future summit meeting.

US President Donald Trump agreed to meet the North Korean leader by May, but there still remains confusion over there will be a summit meeting between the two leaders or if they will directly meet over relations. Previously, Trump was invited to a summit being held in Pyongyang, but it’s unclear when it will take place.

Kim Jong Un has also previously talked about denuclearization, and getting rid of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal in an effort to create peace relations between North Korea and allies abroad. Kim Jong Un also met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, further escalating talks between nations close to the rogue state.

Sources: Fox News, Washington Post

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