US Prepares New Arab Force in Syria

By Nick Baum

TUESDAY – 4/17/18

The Trump Administration is seeking a new alternative in the fight against ISIS. Currently, scouts are underway for a new task group in Northern Syria, with Arabs making up the entire group. The group will conduct special raids and fighting against ISIS in an effort to defeat ISIS without too many US casualties.

The US also asked other middle eastern governments, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, if they are willing to contribute billions of dollars and troops to the cause in Syria. So far, it is unclear what the response was, but the US plans to launch the initiative as soon as possible.

The decision has come after US missiles were directed at suspected Syrian chemical facilities, and after US President Donald Trump called for the withdrawal of over 2,000 US troops currently serving in Syria. It is still unclear when the new initiative will exactly take effect.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, CBS News

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