US Considers New Sanctions on Russia

2 thoughts on “US Considers New Sanctions on Russia”

  1. Nick, I am in rediblybimpressed with the quality of your summaries here- they are succinct, oredered and well written.


    I would like to see what positions you take and how you argue them. for example, to take the most recent, what donyounthinkmsqn tionsnwill donor may not do and what kind of sanctions would you consider that would. It hurt the general population? As for Mother. Use, do you think refusing medical care that may prolong life but not affect the quality of life is a good idea- in general and in particular regarding Mrs. B’s illnesses?


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been thinking about adding more opinion articles to the page, as I really don’t like adding my opinions to unbiased articles.


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