Trump Declares Missiles Fired at Syria a “Successful Mission”

By Nick Baum

SUNDAY – 4/15/18

Just days ago, missiles were fired at science centers and factories that were suspected to be related to Syria’s chemical program, the same program that could be responsible for the suspected chemical attack that hit the rebel held city of Douma, killing at least 70 civilians.

After the attack, US President Donald Trump called it “a successful mission” and the Pentagon stated that the missiles “Successfully hit every target.” The US Pentagon also stated that the “heart” of Syria’s chemical infrastructure was shattered, supposedly putting them years back.

Just outside of Syria, on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, were ships and submarines of the United States, United Kingdom, and France, in an effort to put pressure on Syria while also being close enough to fire missiles at the nation. The missiles were fired by the USS Monterey, a destroyer.

Sources: CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Military Times

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