California Will Vote to be Split into Three States in November

By Nick Baum

SUNDAY – 4/15/18

There could be 52 states starting this November. A petition to split California, the country’s most populated state into three smaller states has passed. The petition, titled “Cali 3”, proposes splitting California into thirds. California, with Los Angeles, San Diego, and the southern coast; Southern California, which consists of San Bernardino, Death Valley, and the rest of the Los Angeles area; and Northern California, with Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, and the bay area.

The petition required around 350,000 signatures, but over 600,000 signed it, a sign that the splitting up of California could very well happen. The petition was started to decrease California’s surging power, as the state has almost 40 million people, 11 million more than the state with second most amount of people, Texas.

In fact, only eight states have a higher population than Los Angeles County alone, with over 10 million people residing in it. If the state does split up, California, (or what’s left of it), will remain as the most populous and the biggest economy of the three, followed by Northern California and then Southern California.

Sources: CBS News, United States Census Bureau

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