US and Allies Fire Missiles at Syria

By Nick Baum

SATURDAY – 4/14/18

Over night, the United States, United Kingdom, and France took measures on the Syrian government after a suspected Syrian chemical attack on the rebel held city of Douma. The missiles, which were fired during the early hours of the day in Damascus, targeted science centers, a presidential palace, and other suspected centers of chemical development.

Last night, US President Donald Trump addressed the nation in a live speech, stating that “(US, UK, and France) have marshaled their righteous power against barbarianism and and brutality.” Once missiles were fired, both support and disdain poured in from many countries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she supported the attacks on Syria. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “the American strikes weren’t about the chemical attacks.” Syrian President Bashar al Assad said “It’s a violation of international peace.”

From now, it is unclear what the damage of the attacks were, but reports across Damascus showed that explosions, and fires could be seen all throughout the morning, including during the city’s morning prayer. Defense Secretary James Mattis said that no fatalities on the rebel or civilian side were reported. So far, it is unclear if the US will fire more missiles at Syria, as the amount of damage and fatality count is still unclear.

Sources: CNN, CNN Politics, The Wall Street Journal

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