OPINION: Economy is in Best Shape Ever

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 4/13/18

This week, the weekly US jobless claim has hit its longest streak, marking yet another record accomplished in this presidency. Before, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had hit its highest mark ever, 26000, before eventually going down due to impending tariffs.

However, this proves that investors and everyday Americans wanting to make more trust Donald Trump, and Trump has targeted his main audience, the middle class. The middle class is usually the one to target the stock market, many families even rely on it. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump targeted himself to hardworking Americans, and it worked.

The evidence that the economy is strong under Trump doesn’t even stop at the stock market. The unemployment rate has tied for the lowest point in history, tying the unemployment rate of 4.1% in 1976 under Gerald Ford, also a Republican. To put it simply, you can trust Republicans with our jobs AND our economy, and that includes the accomplished Donald Trump.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, NBC News

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