EXCLUSIVE: Trade Tension Between US and China Eases

By Nick Baum

TUESDAY – 4/10/18

Just days after President Trump proposed a $100 billion dollar tariff plan on Chinese made products, tension between the two leading economies in the world died down. After the tariff plan was announced, The Chinese administration of leader Xi Jinping responded to the act angrily.

However, no new tariffs or duties were placed on either countries’ economies, a sign that economic tension and rivalry between the two countries might be eased, even after signs of a trade war were showing.

Also a good sign is that stocks in the NYSE have opened higher than expected. Currently, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the largest indicator of the stock market, has risen to a steady 24,400. The last time the stock market was at that amount of points, it was on the steady decline after President Trump’s new tariff plan.

Sources: Fox News, Fox Business, NBC News

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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Trade Tension Between US and China Eases”

  1. Hey Nick, this isn’t related to the topic, but I was wondering if you could do more opinion articles. I really like those because it isn’t something you could find on any other media source. Maybe do one on your republican views? Maybe abortion, feminism, or gun control. I would really like to see something like that happen.

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