EXCLUSIVE AND OPINION: Gambling in the United States

By Nick Baum

SUNDAY – 4/8/18

Gambling has taken many forms, not only the United States but in other countries, too. Both the United Kingdom and France has legalized gambling nation-wide, so why haven’t we? To simply put it, the government doesn’t want us to get in a habit.

Numerous studies have shown the risks and effects of long term gambling, as it can easily lead to fights, deaths, and obviously, losing large sums of money. So, as a result, the government decided to keep gambling legal, but to only grant states the permission on where and where not to legalize gambling and casinos.

For example, after the gold rush, Nevada had no true and reliable industry. Most of the state’s gold was gone, and there weren’t that many resources there, so it was decided that they would legalize gambling state wide, and now benefits off of that. New Jersey is another example. Atlantic City was going bankrupt, and as a result the state legislature decided to legalize gambling in the city only.

This is a great idea, both for the states of Nevada and New Jersey, and for the United States government. Regulations on gambling can take advantage of it, by excluding to certain areas only, and thus promoting different cities. Overall, America’s approach at gambling isn’t right or wrong from other countries, but it gives small and declining areas a chance.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, NJ.com

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