EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Election Win Shows Bad News in 2018 Midterms for Republicans

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 4/5/18

Just this Tuesday, Democrat backed Rebecca Dallet won the race for a vacant Wisconsin Supreme Court seat, gaining the attention of Wisconsin Governor and Republican Scott Walker, tweeting out “Republicans are at risk of a blue wave”.

The win is just another election win in favor of the Democrats, as shown in previous elections. Senator Doug Jones became the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in Alabama since the 1940’s, as well as both Virginia and New Jersey electing new Democratic governors.

So far, FiveThirtyEight, the leading political analyzing source has projected the Democratic Party to outlast the Republican Party by 8 points. Also taken into account is the President’s approval rating, which is an average of 40 percent, compared to his disapproval rating of 50 percent and an undecided 10 percent.

Sources: CNN, FiveThirtyEight

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