Migrant Caravan Stops at U.S. – Mexico Border

By Nick Baum

MONDAY – 4/30/18

The annual migrant caravan, starting in Central America and ending at the American border, has finally reached its last point. After a month of driving, more than 200 migrants from various parts of Central America have gathered in Tijuana, Mexico to seek asylum in the United States.

So far, the caravan is currently waiting at the border, waiting for approval by U.S. Border Patrol Officers so that they can seek asylum. Earlier, a group broke off from the rest of the caravan and tried scaling a tall fence in an effort to cross the border illegally.

However, they were detained and arrested. The rest of the migrants are spending their days and nights waiting in shelters across the city, as many city residents prepared for the crowded caravan.

Sources: CNN, The Wall Street Journal

NFL Draft in Review

By Nick Baum

SUNDAY – 4/29/18

This year’s NFL Draft proved to be very exciting as a combination of top quarterbacks from college as well as other prospects rushed out into teams needing more depth. All 32 NFL teams took 8 turns, with 256 picks.

The Cleveland Browns had the first overall pick in the draft for the second time in a row, picking Baker Mayfield, a quarterback for Oklahoma. The Browns, through a trade, also got the fourth overall pick, and the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles got the last pick of the round.

Notable picks in the draft include the Buffalo Bill’s pick of Josh Rosen, Wyoming quarterback, as many fans of the team panned the decision. The “slider” of the draft, or player who waited longer to get drafted than expected, was Derrius Guice, LSU running back, in which many teams were concerned about his behavior and attitude. He was drafted in the third round by the Washington Redskins, the same team who drafted “Mr. Irrelevant”, the last pick of the draft, Virginia Tech wide receiver Trey Quinn.

Sources: Fox 8, ESPN, NFL.com

EXCLUSIVE: The Up and Down Economy

By Nick Baum

SATURDAY – 4/28/18

Both the economy and the stock market have gone through a roller coaster of a ride these past few months, the results of a growing economy interrupted by the possibilities of a trade war with China.

Months ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the average that measures how will the stock market is doing, had hit 26,000 points, its highest of all time. While many debated on who was to credit for the spike, a trade war was soon to follow and drop it.

US President Donald Trump announced billions of dollars in new tariffs to be added in order to promote American manufacturing and industries. While this could be true, the stock market rapidly declined, and has even reached 22,000, the lowest so far this year.

Stocks could be going up once again, as signs of a trade war have faded away and peace starts to stabilize through the Korean peninsula, it can give some companies a chance at making great profits, as well as spreading influence.

Sources: Fox News, The Wall Street Journal

Kim Jong Un Meets with South Korean President Moon Jae-In

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 4/27/18

Hours ago, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crossed the border into South Korea to meet President of South Korea Moon Jae-In. The visit, being the first time a North Korean crossed the border since the Korean War, was held to discuss peace talks between the two nations, simultaneously at war since the start of the Korean War, Post World War II.

President Jae-In was also welcomed to cross the North Korean border, before having the two leaders pose for photos on the South Korean side. While the two leaders met, they discussed topics related to peace between the two states, including possible denuclearization and an end to the Korean War later this year.

However, despite North Korea stating they will cease all nuclear tests, they still haven’t announced whether they will get rid of their nuclear arsenal, an undecided move that has drawn skepticism from some. Also, North Korean State Media, the company responsible for announcing North Korea’s decision to cease all nuclear tests, was unusually silent during the decision, only airing a short speech about the meeting before airing a documentary on the life of Kim Jong Il.

Sources: CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press

LeBron James Makes Amazing Buzzer Beater to Win Game 5

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 4/26/18

The National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs have proved to be a fun and exciting atmosphere. The Cleveland Cavaliers, 2016-17 season runner-ups and 2015-16 season champions, have struggled recently in their first round.

The Cavaliers are struggling against a worse off Indiana Pacers team, who has constantly played up and held on to the series. By Game 5, the series score was 2-2 until LeBron James pulled up one of his best games yet. Besides scoring 44 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists, James also hit the game winning shot that would shift the series in their favor, a 2 game winning streak after losing the series to the Pacers 2-1.

As the shot clock winded down, the score was tied 95-95 with seconds remaining. James got the ball at the free throw line, a very crowded free throw line with many Pacers swarming around him trying to force an overtime. However, James got out of the pile, dribbling backwards to the point where he was two feet behind the three point line, and then decided to shoot it, sending the ball ripping through the net and a game winner.

Sources: ESPN, Bleacher Report

OPINION: We Need to Pull Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/25/18

Just yesterday, President Trump stated that he hopes to be out of the Iran Nuclear Deal as soon as possible, and honestly, I couldn’t agree more with the decision. I have said that same line before regarding President Trump, but his words are in the right line of fire, even if his actions aren’t.

Trump complained about the deal, calling it “ridiculous”, as it is, and just thinking about it makes you cringe. The United States pays Iran billions of dollars and in return Iran has to stop creating nuclear weapons, and they still didn’t.

Not only are we going back on our important roots by funding these terrorists, but when they continue to keep funding their program, it proves that Obama is not only a poor negotiator but he simply doesn’t understand foreign policy. Iran is our enemy, even if we pay them so much money, they will continue to do their evil things!

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, CNBC

Veteran Affairs Nominee Ronny Jackson to Continue Seeking Job

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 4/25/18

White House Doctor Ronny Jackson was nominated to run for the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, a move that left many puzzled and angry, and others supporting his decision. The nomination for the spot was announced earlier this week.

Despite the many calls of bowing out of the nomination, including both Senators and Congressmen citing his behavior in his current job and his task management skills as reasons for him to bow out. So far, he announced that he will still be seeking the job.

In a private meeting this Tuesday with President Donald Trump, Jackson and Trump exchanged thoughts and plans on what to do next. Reportedly, Jackson said he denied all allegations against him and said he will continue to run for it. Trump agreed to the decision.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times