OPINION: What we Know from the Stormy Daniels Interview

By Nick Baum


On a Sunday night, adult film actress known as her stage name Stormy Daniels, finally broke her silence about her alleged affair with Trump. She said some things that were unbelievable, and some believable. Also featured on the 60 minutes interview was Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, David Schwartz, appearing furious about the incident.

While details about their alleged affair are graphic and will not be shared, it is still evident none the less that stormy is embellishing it. It really makes sense, trust me. First off, Stephanie Clifford, (Daniels’s real name) accused Trump of holding her silent about their affair with their contract.

She details about she uprose against Trump, forcing him to believe that she is a powerful woman, which is definitely what she wants. It could only make easy sense that Clifford would report on national television, let alone to the highest ratings of the show, that she rose against Trump and made herself powerful. After Micheal Cohen, Trump’s leading lawyer in the case denied it, Ms. Clifford decided to bring him to court, too.

While not denying that this case ever happened, it is still apparent that Clifford just want attention, and will do anything to get it. To put it simple, she is embellishing the story to make it seem like she is the victim by far, and putting the blame on Trump.

Sources: CBS, The Wall Street Journal


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One thought on “OPINION: What we Know from the Stormy Daniels Interview”

  1. This alleged incident occurred over 10 years ago. Of course it’s not appropriate to have sex with a Prostitute, especially if you’re married. But just like the escapades of Presidents Clinton and Kennedy and also Dr. M.L. King, does it really matter? Was it not consensual sex? Did the greater good out-weigh the bad? Was it not on their own personal time? Let’s be fair to President Trump in this matter.

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