Trump Considers Veto of Government Funding Bill

By Nick Baum


This past Thursday, a bipartisan bill for government funding passed through both the house and senate, with both Democratic and Republican leaders putting their differences aside. The government funding bill, which 1.3 Trillion dollars, would include funding on infrastructure, oil drilling, and more.

The bill itself swiftly passed through the house but was briefly held back by two Republican Senators in the senate. However, the bill still passed. The bill is 2,232 pages long, and despite this, and the fact that is was passed within 24 hours of the deadline, President Trump might be considering not to sign it.

This is reasoned because of the lack of immigration policy and enforcement in the bill, including not enough detailed funding for that area. While Trump is still expected to sign it by Republican leaders, some Democratic leaders resisted the effort, stating how there is no funding for DACA, ending the program after it was originally supposed to be cut short two years prior.

Sources: CNN, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal

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