Austin Package Bomber Identified

By Nick Baum


After a little more than a week of search, the suspect of bombs going off in packages in and around Austin has been identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, according to a primary source at the scene.

Conditt, a 23 year old white male, blew himself up in his car as police came in in the early hours of Wednesday, according to local authorities. Five different bombs went off in the past week, and a sixth one at a FedEx center didn’t go off.

Of the bombs that did go off, four of which were around the Austin area and blew up residential homes and neighborhoods. The fifth was in a FedEx shipping facility in San Antonio, an hour away from Austin. The sixth bomb didn’t explode, and was found inside a package. Finally, the suspect blew himself up as police drew nearer in a car in Round Rock, a suburb of Austin.

The identity of the man was found from receipts at local stores, as the bombs were thought to be home made.

Sources: CNN, The New York Times

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