UPDATE: Three Dead in Veterans Home Attack

By Nick Baum


It is is confirmed that the active shooter in the Yountsville Veterans Home attack killed three female hostages, and then himself. The shooter has been identified as Albert Wong, 36, and entered the veterans home with an assault rifle. The veterans home, in Yountsville California, has been confirmed by the California Department of Veterans as the largest veterans home in the nation.

As local police closed off nearby roads, highways, and established a perimeter, some swore they heard more shots coming from inside. The standoff escalated as hostage negotiators tried to contact Wong, but to no avail.

Around 6:00 PM on Friday, Napa County Police stormed the room thought to have the shooter and hostages, only to find him lying dead next to three more dead hostages. Jennifer Gonzales, 29; Jennifer Golick, 42; and Christine Loeber, 48. All three were female.

Sources: CNN, CHP, CDV

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