Trump Agrees to Meet Kim Jong Un by May

By Nick Baum


News broke out last night that President Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un by May, The White House reported. Trump, whom along with Mike Pence didn’t believe the South Korean and North Korean merger for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, will still remain skeptical and maybe even not convinced.

After news broke out of Trump’s decision by South Korean National Security Advisor Chung Eui-Yong, many seemed shocked by the decision, especially after the administration’s mood during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Mike Pence, whom was at the games, decided to sit during the national anthem in protest. Mike Pence’s opinion sided with the majority of South Koreans, as many agreed with his stance and remained skeptical.

However, ever since the games, relations between South Korea and North Korea have been improved. Meetings between the two countries’ officials have occurred almost weekly, and a summit in Pyongyang hosted by Kim Jong Un himself invited South Korean President Moon, whom agreed to come.

Sources-The White House, NBC News, Fox News

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