EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Viral Video Between Trump Supporter and Native American

By Nick Baum

TUESDAY – 1/22/19

On Monday a viral encounter at a protest between a Trump supporter and a Native American veteran generated over two and a half million views and around 14,400 retweets. The video, posted by now suspended account @2020fight, showed a Native American chanting with a drum in front of a teenager with a MAGA hat, who was smiling in the face of him.

Political figures and celebrities from both sides were quick to denounce the video of the Trump supporter, now identified as Nick Sandmann, mocking the Native American. However, it was later found out that the clip was edited, and that the video beforehand portrayed a group of visiting teenagers for the March for Life protest being shouted at and called names by four African American Hebrew Israelites.

Seconds prior to the confrontation, the Native American and Vietnam War veteran Nathan Phillips got in the middle of the two groups and started chanting while beating a drum in an effort to stop any potential violence. Other footage shows some of the students dancing to the chant, while Sandmann decided to walk forward and maintain a calm expression, he explained. “By remaining motionless and calm, I thought I was helping to diffuse the situation,” the student released in a statement.

Sources and Pictures: Wikimedia Commons, CNN, Twitter

Sources Say Trump Told Cohen to Lie to Congress

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 1/18/19

According to BuzzFeed News, inside sources have said that President Donald Trump personally directed his at-the-time lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress when being testified about his Trump Tower Project in Moscow. More specifically, lying about any relations and discussions had with Russian authorities.

Michael Cohen, who was found guilty and jailed after it was revealed he lied to Congress, has declined all comments to BuzzFeed. He was found guilty in late November, and sentenced to three years in prison. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani declined the action, saying: “If you believe Cohen I can get you a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

BuzzFeed has also reported that Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign supported a plan to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin for negotiations in Moscow. Although plans most likely fell through, other members of the Trump campaign might’ve played a role, although very minimal according to BuzzFeed News.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, The Daily Nick

2018 Was Hottest Year Recorded for Oceans

By Nick Baum

THURSDAY – 1/17/19

According to the Advances in Atmospheric Sciences Organization, a global team of scientists that measure the heat in both the air and water, published reports Wednesday that 2018 was the hottest year for our oceans recorded, the first time the oceans being recorded was 1958. “The year 2018 passed the previous record set just the year before, in 2017,” the authors of the article said, “the top five years of ocean heat have come in the last five years.”

Other scientists have published similar findings. In fact, the same group of scientists published a report last week that claimed that our oceans are warming up faster than initially thought. Responding to that report, the authors said that measuring the heat of the ocean is one the most efficient ways of tracking climate change because over 90% of the heat in greenhouse gases get absorbed into the ocean.

The claim that our oceans and also our planet are warming up is backed by other groups and panels of scientists. Some scientists have said that the stat of rising oceans has already been seen. Since 1981, an average of 29.5 millimeters of water has been to the ocean’s surface.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, Flickr, Pexels

OPINION: Trump’s Fast Food Buffet was Good

By Nick Baum

WEDNESDAY – 1/16/19

Photos posted by Trump, The White House, and more official accounts of President Trump welcoming recent National Championship winners Clemson shows the President with a feast of various fast foods around him. Criticism immediately followed the post, but what the various posts and shots at Trump fail to realize is that the feast isn’t for them, it’s for the players.

Many took cheap shots at President Trump for hosting the buffet, including how he has millions of dollars and that it lacked respect, despite the fact that he paid over $3,000 for the various fast foods, and that the players actually enjoyed the meal. “Almost nothing remained,” quoted Donald Trump, referring to the buffet, “the players really enjoyed their meal.”

Not only that, but despite denying a false quote, Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence said he enjoyed the food, and the White House visit, and due to what was remaining, the players did, too. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how fancy the food is on the table, or what you dress up as to dinner, but food is something that everybody can enjoy, and the amount of money you pay for something shouldn’t judge how much respect you put in.

Trump was put in a difficult situation, he simply couldn’t pay his cooks that weren’t covered under the shutdown. I’d personally rather take a welcoming environment with foods I like rather than a more professional and less comfortable environment with fancy, less likable food. The media and press shouldn’t speak for the players, they aren’t their voice. Instead, stop judging and let people eat food!

Sources and Pictures: Flickr, CNN, New York Post

Attorney General Nominee William Barr to face Senate Confirmation

By Nick Baum

TUESDAY – 1/15/19

Nominee for Attorney General William Barr will be facing his Senate confirmation hearing today in an effort to get elected by President Trump, and replace Jeff Sessions, whom Donald Trump criticized and fired. If elected, Barr will oversee the Mueller Probe into potential relations between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

Each Senator part of the committee will have fifteen minutes to interview the nominee, followed by a vote by the entire Senate floor that will ultimately decide both the state of the Trump Administration and the Mueller Probe at this point.

The Mueller investigation has already found multiple members of the campaign guilty, including a recent prison sentence for former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. Barr, if elected, will have a tough task if voted in, and experts have forecasted that it is probable that he gets in.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, Flickr, MSNBC


NFC and AFC Championships are Set

By Nick Baum

MONDAY – 1/14/19

The National Football Conference and the American Football Conference of the NFL will decide who to send to the Super Bowl this Sunday the 20th. In the AFC, the dynasty of Tom Brady and the Patriots will play Pat Mahomes’s up and coming Kansas City Chiefs in a high scoring game.

In the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams led by young quarterback Jared Goff and elite running back Todd Gurley will face the New Orleans Saints under veteran quarterback Drew Brees. Both teams in the NFC championship game had to beat an NFC East team to get there, too.

It is also the first time that the four teams left in the playoffs are the four highest scoring offenses in the league, meaning that you should expect a good, high scoring game on the offensive front this weekend.

Sources and Pictures: Wikimedia Commons, SB Nation, ESPN, NBC Sports

US Troops Begin to Withdraw from Syria

By Nick Baum

FRIDAY – 1/11/19

The US-led military coalition in Syria has reportedly begun the process of withdrawing troops, US military official Sean Ryan stated this morning. “The US started the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria.” This has come after President Trump signed to make the decision back before Christmas in December.

Col. Ryan also stated that there will be no specific timelines nor location of the withdrawal out of “concern of operational security”. The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a non-profit organization centered in Syria, reported that the withdrawal had already started overnight.

The decision to withdraw troops from Syria has been met with mixed feedback, including criticism from Democrats and some Republicans, while there was positive feedback from many pro-Trump voters and conservatives. Overall though, the decision to withdraw before the official surrendering of ISIS means that the fight will now be up to regional fighters such as Iraq and the Syrian forces.

Sources and Pictures: CNN, Flickr, Fox News